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Teaching Philosophy

Every student is important, bringing to their singing their own life's experiences, their own brand of sensitivity, and their own individual expression, all of which should never be discounted.  The voice reflects the innermost part of the soul, and though "the show must go on," a student who has had a rough day is not going to sing from the same part of their psyche as one who has just won the lottery.  (I actually had an adult student who won a pub in Ireland through a Guinness competition, pouring the perfect beer, throwing darts, and composing an essay about being a publican.  She made it through the various rounds, semi-finals, finals, won, and went there to live and run the pub!) 

I believe one must not only encourage the student's strengths, alleviate the student's weaknesses, but also respond with sensitivity to different personalities, capitalizing on each person's experiences to locate metaphors as vehicles with which to teach.  The goal is to help them bring their own unique passion to their performances. 

Recommended Reading for Understanding Performance Anxiety

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