Duelin' Sopranos in Paris

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The Bistro Chairs of Clichy

Vanessa and April, accompanied by Mary and Greg, went to a concert the week before they were to sing at the American Church in Paris.  Afterwards, they were walking down the street discussing what to do about the chairs at the church as they would not work for their own concert.  Lo and behold underneath the glow of the streetlight there was a trash container.  Next to the trash container were two pristine white bistro chairs begging to be adopted by someone who would love them. Without a word, Vanessa and April exchanged glances, both grabbed for the chairs and realized it was made in heaven.

Mary and Greg watched in amazement as April and Vanessa carted the chairs off toward the next rendezvous. 

Look what we found in the garbage!
Thieves in the night


Practicing in the hotel... They're perfect!
Extra chairs were useful in the hotel rooms.

The Bistro Chairs of Clichy live!




    The Bistro Chairs of Clichy, in concert!

After the concert, friends can be helpful when you've got lots to carry.

Moving day?

Yes, we got a few odd looks.

Waiting to use the chairs on the Metro

Signing the chairs and saying goodbye to our friends.

Can I have your autograph?