Duelin' Sopranos

The Harmonic Energy of Duelin’ Sopranos


Comments on their live performances:

“The Duelin’ Sopranos is a resource unlike any other, in bringing to life music history, foreign language, drama.  Their program has spontaneity, color, and is full of emotion, which make the listener eager for more.”

--Doug Mrazek, Clark College Cultural Tapestry Days, Vancouver, Washington


“Delightful!  Beautiful!… Very humorous!”

--Lillian McGovern, Oregon Music Teachers Association, on performance for the Portland Chapter


“To see an outstanding rock group from Japan perform and receive a huge ovation and then two fabulous sopranos [Duelin’ Sopranos] sing a classical piece and then receive that same response from the audience including those same Japanese musicians, proves once again we independent artists are connected.” – Ed Schaefer, Just Plain Folks Best Instrumental Song Nominee 2004, writing about the JPF Awards Show in Los Angeles


"Our students were treated to a full concert of vocal perfection. Every phrase was executed with precision and taste; intonation was flawless. The duo selected a variety of literature and styles, and quickly connected with the audience."
---Susie M. Jones, Music Director
Mt. Hood Community College, Gresham, Oregon.


“Bringing Classical Opera to the show in a big way, the Duelin' Sopranos wow'd the crowd and found fans across all genres.”  -- Brian Austin Whitney, Just Plain Folks Founder


Comments on their “Christmas Joy” CD

 ”When this duet comes to Nashville, I'm buying up all the front row seats. This album plays in our house long past Christmas. Rarely do two voices blend in a manner that resonates beyond what is coming out of the speakers. This is a very fine piece of art.”

--Jeff Shearer, Nashville Writers Group


”This Christmas disc is a pure joy from start to finish. Beautiful music, beautiful singing. The Duelin' Sopranos have selected a wonderful combination of classic Christmas hits, along with new Christmas music specially planned for the recording. Congratulations!”

– Mary Dibbern, international opera coach, pianist, and music historian


“This is magic time.  Imagine that you have an angel on each shoulder, and that they both possess pure voices of satin that lift and intertwine in ethereal beauty on classical holiday selections.” – reviewed and chosen Top Pick, by Christmasreviews.com


Comments on their CD “Under Her Spell: The Viardot Effect”:

“Your CD sounds great.  You two ladies are precision and light!  Very well matched voices and the Pauline Viardot complexity…Wow!”

--Leslie Fudge, Director, Vocal Art Works, Reno, Nevada, after listening to “Under Her Spell.”


“Vanessa Jump Nelson and April Brookins Duvic communicate the heartbeat of life through song,” –  Sherry Kloss, The Triangle, Winter/Spring 2004/5


“…squarely in their element, singing with irresistable charm and ease…the two sopranos and their very capable pianist, Mary Dibbern, spin phrases of breathtaking beauty and delicacy…an important release” --- Review of “Under Her Spell,” in The Journal of Singing, November/December 2004