Duelin' Sopranos

About the duo

Vanessa Jump Nelson and April Brookins Duvic were both born in April, adore singing in French, and make a mean apple pie.  It was through their activities in a variety of professional organizations, primarily the National Association of Teachers of Singing, that they met in 1994.  They were featured artist of the month in May, 2003 by Nettleingham Audio, and their latest CD, "Under Her Spell: The Viardot Effect" was nominated in 2004 for Best Album in the category Opera/Classical Vocal for the 2004 Just Plain Folks Music Awards.

With and without sabres, the duo's concertizing has taken them all around the Northwest, including private French dinner garden parties where they have continued singing despite dogs jumping on them and the automatic sprinklers coming on.   One of their favorite adventures was their trip to France, where, with pianist Mary Dibbern, of Paris, they presented a concert of music by the composer and opera star Pauline Viardot, and the composers she influenced.  They returned to the United States where Mary joined them to record a CD of this material.  Being the true divas that they are, their recording session included an on-site massage specialist.