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JPFolks Album NomineeJust Plain Folks Awards Diary

Sunday, November 7th

Arriving at the Galaxy Theatre

The show was held at the Galaxy Theatre, a dinner theatre place nestled back behind a small office building.  You almost have to know it is there before you'll find it.


Sound Check

The sound check is part of the rather un-glamorous side of show business.  Lots of waiting, lots of noise, and never enough patience to go around.  Oh, but there were tortilla chips...

Awards show and concert
Imagine 25 or so completely different musical groups, interspersed between 60+ awards.  Quite an evening.   

 The food was good, and there was plenty to drink.

... and more good sounds.

Finally it was our turn...

And then there were more...

Derek Sivers received an award for generally being such a great guy, not to mention for all the wonderful work he has done in creating and running cdbaby.com to help us all sell our CDs with a minimum of pain or fuss.

 At the end was the group sing number of the Just Plain Folks theme song...


... and then the group picture.

Friends from Portland - members of Darby O'Gill; Derek Sivers; Melody Guy and Michael Allan Harrison

And then the late night snacks back at the hotel.  Whew, what a night!