Duelin' Sopranos

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JPFolks Album NomineeJust Plain Folks Awards Diary

To answer the immediate question: we won 4th place for Best Album, Opera / Classical Vocal.  But more importantly, we got to hear and to perform for an amazing collection of talented musicians, and we got to meet in person many of the people that help drive independent music.  Just by being there, everybody was a winner.  With over 10,000 albums and 140,000 songs from 85 countries in the running for awards, it really is an honor to even be nominated!  By some reports, the odds are easier to actually win a Grammy than to be nominated for a JPF award.  Either way, we're proud to have been involved.

Flying down
Video Party 
Pre-show concert at Martini Blues Supper Club
Pre-show sound check
The actual show

(ps - if you like the pictures and need a larger
resolution copy, send us a note)

Derek and Brian, our heros!